We are planning to take videos of all our ponies the next few weeks and then put them on our websites step by step.

With the following video clips we want to give you a sample.

Please click on the photos for downloading the videos.

Free jumping of:

Equus Portos, July 2007

Equus Bluebird, April 2007


Equus Portos
7 yo stallion

Equus Miss Marple
4 yo mare

Equus Ebony
2 yo filly

Equus Blue Belle
2 yo filly

Equus Blue Bess
2 yo filly

Equus Bluebird
2 yo colt

Equus Richelieu
1 yo colt

Hondsrug Paganini
1 yo colt

Raspoetin Buttom

Hondsrug Raspoetin,
24 yo stallion