August 8th, 2011

Yearling Colts Theo and Don

Llanarth Othello B 070811
Llanarth Othello (called Theo), foaled 10th May 2010
Llanarth Othello A 070811

Equus Donovan A 070811
Equus Donovan (called Don), foaled 23rd April 2010
Equus Donovan B 070811



May 1st, 2011

Spring is in the air...

Nerwyn Enwyn 010511
Nerwyn Enwyn

Crossfoxes Sws Medi 010511
Crossfoxes Sws Medi



April 25th, 2011

Equus Pamina

Equus Queen Of The Night 250411 A
filly, bay (turning to grey), born 24th April 2011
sired by Polaris Dylan, dam Equus Priciau by Royal Blueberry

Equus Queen Of The Night 250411 C



April 10th, 2011

Nerwyn Enwyn under saddle
- ridden by Jobje -

Nerwyn Enwyn Longe

Nerwyn Enwyn ready for riding

Nerwyn Enwyn ridden

Nerwyn Enwyn well done



April 8th, 2011


Equus Lady Morgane
three days old:

Equus Pamina 080411 B

Equus Pamina A



April 5th, 2011

Birth of first Equus foal

Equus Pamina 050411 A
Equus Lady Morgane, filly, dark bay (turning to grey)

Tonight 23yo Hondsrug Deborah by Pendock Plato gave birth to Equus Pamina, filly, sired by Polaris Dylan.



April 3rd, 2011

Equus Stallions at

Stud I (Hude)

Nerwyn Enwyn 020411 A
Nerwyn Enwyn, foaled 2005, grey, 136cms,
sired by Nerwyn Tywysog out of Polaris Ella by Polaris Fagus,
Breeder and Owner: G. Wyn Jones, Nerwyn Stud, Wales


Stud II (Walkertshofen)

Equus Painter Man 020411 A
Equus Painter Man, foaled 2008, grey, 127 cms,
sired by Hondsrug Raspoetin out of Equus Miss Marple
by Shamrock Mr. Oliver



March 27th, 2011

Arrived this evening:

Nerwyn Enwyn 270311 Arrival

Nerwyn Enwyn 270311 Trotting A

Nerwyn Enwyn 270311 Trotting B




February 12th, 2011

Equus Raspoetin graded at Ermelo

This afternoon Equus Raspoetin was graded at the Annual Dutch Stallion Grading Show which was held at Ermelo/NL

Equus Raspoetin 120211 B
Equus Raspoetin on 11th February 2011
with his owner Mr Bart Reinders at Ermelo



January 28th, 2011

In his first year as a stallion Nerwyn Enwyn was shown by his breeder and owner G Wyn Jones at the Royal Welsh Show 2009. He was fifth in the Section B stallion class.

Nerwyn Enwyn RWS 09 ID C 15
© Ingrid Delaitre, F

Nerwyn Enwyn RWS 09 ID B 15
© Ingrid Delaitre, F

Nerwyn Enwyn RWS 09 ID A 15
© Ingrid Delaitre, F



January 23rd, 2011

From April 2011 standing at Stud:

Nerwyn Enwyn 100509 B 15
Section B Stallion, grey, foaled 2005, 13.1 hh,
by Nerwyn Tywysog (WA) out of Polaris Ella by Polaris Fagus
photo: © G.Wyn Jones, Nerwyn Stud

Due to good experiance with our previous breeding mare Lintelo Clair , who was out of an A mother and produced over the years some of our best stock, I decided to search for a Stallion to reinforce the Mountain type in my B breeding. The stallion should on one side offer the blood lines to match the lines of my breeding mares and on the side offer a high proportion of Welsh A blood.

Nerwyn Enwyns sire is the 100% Coed Coch bred A stallion Nerwyn Tywysog. In turn his sire was  Nerwyn Cadno (Coed Coch Barrog x Coed Coch Lili) who in his life time became himself a legend and died last year at the age of 31 years.

Nerwyn Enwyns dam is the Sec B mare Polaris Ella, who is the full sister to Polaris Elmer, who is  much valued by me and the grand sire of my mare Cross Foxes Sws Medi.

Equus Priciau and Nerwyn Enwyn bind together the blood lines of Coed Coch Berwynfa and Chirk Caradoc.

The pairing of Nerwyn Enwyn and Hondsrug Deborah will in the first 5 generations be a total outcross and therefore be a bit like Russian Roulette.

I am very grateful to Enwyns owner and breeder Wyn Jones, Nerwyn Stud, for the privalage and trust he has given me to permit me to have this stallion.



December 7th, 2010

Today Polaris Dylan moved to Denmark. It was not easy to let him go...

Polaris Dylan Abschied I

Polaris Dylan Abschied II

Polaris Dylan Abschied III



November 20th, 2010

At the end of September Reemt moved to Bavaria where he this month founded an independent branch of Equus Stud. So from now on Equus Stud (No.) I and Equus Stud (No.) II are to be differentiated.

Equus Stud I furthermore is the stud of (father) Hartmut Schröder at Hude/Holle, Lower Saxony, and Equus Stud II is the stud of (son) Reemt Schröder at Walkertshofen, Bavaria.

The stable of Equus Stud II

Stall Equus II B

Stall Equus II A

Stall Equus II Boxen


6 1/2 hectare pasture for the ponies

Stall Equus II Weide

Stall Equus II Unterstand



October 17th, 2010

Llanarth Cleopatra & Llanarth Othello

On 11th October the two Douthwaite Signwriter foals Llanarth Cleopatra out of Equus Petit Pois and Llanarth Othello out of Llanarth Dulcie arrived here safely.

Meanwhile they made friendship with their new stable mates Equus Dorcas and Equus Donovan.

Llanarth Othello 141010 C

Llanarth Cleopatra 15102010

Llanarth Othello 141010 B