1st October 2005

EQUUS STUD celebrated 20th of birthday
Photos: Eberhard Holin

About 90 Welsh lovers, friends and neighbours were followed on the 1st October, 2005 the invitation by Reemt and Hartmut Schröder (Equus Stud), to spend around with them and their family on the occasion of the 20-year-old breeding anniversary on their court in Hude, OT Holle, a pleasant afternoon and evening.

After it had been raining "cats and dogs“ to shortly before beginning of the meeting, the clouds in the sky resolved from 12.00 o'clock, so that then during the event up to her setting even the sun appeared.






The guests were received with coffee and cake and had so first once occasion to the "Warming Up".








In the greeting the hosts brought out that occasion of this meeting is, certainly, the anniversary, their real Intension, however would lie to thank all people who had stood by them by the exercise of this hobby more than two decades with advice or act.

In money are not to be outweighed also a lot of interhuman relations which would have developed themselves in the course of the years often also after the borders of Germany into deep friendship.

In this connection particularly the young growers would have model function for the older generation, nevertheless, these also maintained outside from breeding and sporting contests and after own section-breeding main points very much close, private contacts, stressed Hartmut Schröder.

In connection with the coffee board Reemt Schröder with his helpers presented the Equus Welshpony existence in a quadrangle decorated with flowers to the guests, while Hartmut Schröder explained to the spectators accompanying in addition the breeding draft underlying them.

The basis of most current Equus Welsh B ponies puts the in 1985 acquired C . C. Berwynfa granddaughter Coed Coch Olga, her mother C. C. Noreen a daughter of Chirk Caradoc and C. C. Priciau was.

Three C.C. Olga's children, Equus Olga and Equus Priciau, both of the royal Blueberry - Bengad Blueberry, as well as the Hondsrug Puccini son Equus Portos, belong to the current stock animal existence of the family Schröder.

Altogether 6 descendants of the named at top C. C. Olga's children - Equus D’Artagnan (*2004, E. Portos x E. Olga), Equus Blue Belle (*2005, E. Blueberry x E. Olga), Equus Aramis (*2004, E. Portos x E. Priciau), Equus Bluebird (*2005, E. Blueberry x E. Priciau), Equus Athos (* 2004, E. Portos x E. Clara) as well as Equus Ebony (* 2005, E. Portos x E. Clara) - inspired the anniversary guests, first of all, by their convincing motions.

The third, meanwhile 15-year-old breeding mare on Equus, Lintelo Clair of C.C. Adrian a.d Novel Cleopatra (WA) of Revel Tobias comes from the breeding of the family Beekman, Nieuweroord/NL. Her breeding quality illustrated her filly foal Equus Blue Bess by E. Blueberry as well as her one-year-old son Equus Mr Bean by Shamrock Mr Oliver.

Since beginning this year there is the meanwhile 7-year-old Clair's daughter Equus Clara by Royal Blueberry in the possession of Mrs. Imke Lumme from Wiesmoor. She and her filly foal Equus Ebony by E. Portos, which has remained in the possession of the family, Schröder fascinated by their space-reaching trot actions.

Big attention by her radiant emittance also found the 2-year-old Clara-daughter Equus Miss Marple by Shamrock Mr Oliver.

Hartmut Schröder did no secret then of the fact, that his quite special pet the already 20-year-old mould mare Hondsrug Briall v. Tetworth Crimson Lake a.d. Llwynygog Magic v. Ardgrange Llun Gwyn is. And when she floated then at a trot almost majestically by the quadrangle, the recognizing applause of the guests wanted to take almost no end. Her Dutch growers, Rudolph Drenthe and Cornelis Strijker which connects a very much close friendship with the family Schröder since 10 years now and which were also among the guests had all reason to be very proudly on this beautiful mare. Of only very difficult heart they had agreed 3 years ago to allow passing over Briall, which also is mother of the very successful stallion in Germany Hondsrug Puccini, in the possession of the stable Equus.

Her new owners supplied Briall immediately after her acquisition to the Dutch stallion Shamrock Mr Oliver to the coat and presented the result, the yearling fox stallion Equus Mr Spock, after his mother in the ring.

Two stallions formed the conclusion of the pony demonstration: with only 125 cms the 5-year-old stallion Equus Portos own to stud of the Hondsrug Puccini from the C. C. Olga did his ancestor all honour. By his spectacular trot movements he pulled the public again afresh in his spell.


After the image of all Welsh ponies in the hand the friends of the horse-riding also came at your expenses: With the Hanoverian gelding Power of Love under the saddle gave the 17-year-old Jobje Schröder who signs for the education according to training of the Equus ponies responsibly, a look in her riding Can do. For her choose on A-and L-level Jobje harvested the deserving applause of the spectators.

Afterwards was cared with a small lunch and all kinds of cold beverages farther for the physical well-being of the persons present, and when it was rather cool in the outside tent gradually, nevertheless, still many guests endured in the heated floorboard with music and power Point presentation of the 20-year-old Equus-breeding history till the late night hours.