Hondsrug Stud

1964 - 2010

Mr Roelof Drenthe and Mr Cornelis Strijker have passed away

Roelof & Cord

On 5th September 2010 Mr Roelof Drenthe because of a serious illness closed his eyes for ever. Less than four weeks later on 1st October he was followed by his friend and live partner Mr Cornelis Strijker.

From this time on the famous Hondsrug Stud doen’t exist any longer.


Their Hondsrug Welsh ponies were known well over the borders of the Netherlands, but Roelof Drenthe and Cornelis Strijker itself lived with theirs more than 30 Welsh ponies of the sections A and B rather pulled back in the contemplative place Glimmen, not far from the gates of Groningen.

During the last 25 years they had no more show frequents, neither as an exhibitor nor than guest. Their respective foaling volumes were taken by the Dutch Welsh pony and Cob Stamboek directly on the Hondsrug meadows and were registered. And all years took place there also the coats of their breeding mares, the stallion selected in each case was brought by his holder to them.

More than 15 years ago now we got to know the " Combinatie Drenthe and Strijker ", while to us the unfortunately too early late Welsh expert Manfred Müller from Westerstede led to them. One day we were in search of another breeding mare with bloodlines new for us.

Finally, we decided on the at that time 2-year-old Hondsrug Marilyn by Rakt's Rocky x Hondsrug Patrona by Cawdor Sir Horace and supplied her 3-year-old to our stallion of that time, Royal Blueberry.

Still before the birth of the foal we sold Marilyn to Mrs. Susan Kraus from Bad Neustadt which searched exactly so a passer for her mare. Today Hondsrug Marilyn is in the possession of the family Lassel (Akazienhof) and has achieved there many successes on shows and also in the breeding.

The next Welsh pony which we acquired in 1996 as an yearling of the Hondsrug stud was Hondsrug Puccini by Blethni Puck x Hondsrug Briall by Tetworth Crimson Lake. Today also Puccini is in the possession of the family Lassel/Pöttmes. Really we would also have his mother, Hondsrug Briall, immediately taken, but she was unsalable to this moment. Whole 7 years it has lasted, since Rudolph and Cord could do himself, finally ring up to resign Briall to us, and certainly it is to be owed to the friendship much closer growing with the years between them and us that it has arrived actually.

With a single exception only Welsh ponies of the sections A and B were bred on the Hondsrug stud about 4 decades of its existence: Hondsrug Briall and her daughter Hondsrug Deborah were covered in 2000 by the Welsh Partbred stallion Kielshoop Honeydas, and in the next season the stallions Hondsrug Skylight and Hondsrug Skyline were born. Because the Hondsrug people do not have the possibility to draw up stallions independently, both changed as a yearling in our stable and were drawn up by us. When they were 3 years old, they received of our daughter Jobje first a riding basic training and then should be sold for sports purposes.








Then in a sales magazine the both were discovered by the repeated English champion in the four-in-hand-driving (horses), Mrs. Karen Bassett, Sussex / GB, and were imported to Great Britain. Meanwhile, the two three quarters-brothers Skylight and Skyline are trained and will soon deny their first tournaments.

After from the year 2002 to 2004 on Hondsrug exclusively Welsh A foaling were born, Rudolph Drenthe and Cornelis Strijker this year (2005) let cover 7 of their altogether 11 Welsh B mares of our stallion Equus Portos. Unfortunately, the only 8-year-old Hondsrug Celandine passed away some weeks after her return to the native stud, so that next year altogether 6 Portos children are expected.

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