The Chronicle
of Equus Stud


It was first at the age of 32 years old that I was able to fulfil my childhood dream with the acquirement of the “ Immenhof ”. In 1984 I began to build up my Shetland Pony Stud and very soon had about 15 ponies in breeding stock.


The logical step up to the breeding of Welsh Ponies began in spring 1986. A year previously I had acquired a Welsh Sec. B mare for a close friend but due to a change of job was no longer able to keep her and I took her over.



Coed Coch Olga Holle
Coed Coch Olga

While this B mare was still in my friends ownership I had already begun to intensively study her pedigree. I discovered she was one of the last ponies to be bred at the world renown Coed Coch Stud which closed down in 1978. This Mare was called Coed Coch Olga and belonged to the 1974 “O” line. On her sires side she was granddaughter to the legendary Coed Coch Berwynfa and on her dams side granddaughter to, the also famous Royal Welsh Overall Champion (1966), Coed Coch Priciau, who herself was a daughter of Berwynfa.

Coed Coch Ninian_Kopf
Coed Coch Ninian (© Hinrich Wulf)

Olga had inherited through her dams side both the bay colour and her type. I could hardly take my eyes off the photos of Coed Coch Berwynfa. Never before had a pony fascinated me so much, and that only through the medium of photos. I am envious of all the people who were able to experience the living pony.

Coed Coch Berwynfa
Coed Coch Berwynfa

Coed Coch Olga died at the age of 27 years old on our farm. Even at the age of 26 she gave us the gift of her 15th foal, Equus Portos. In our breeding stock today there still remains the 11 year old Olga daughter Equus Priciau and the two granddaughters, the 4 year old Equus Blue Belle and the 2 year old Equus Jeanne d`Arc.



Bengad Blueberry

In September 1987 at the 12 Bundes Show of the IG Welsh I saw the then 13 year old Welsh Sec. B Stallion Bengad Blueberry. He was the exact ideal of my idea of a Welsh B pony. Not surprisingly he was also a grandson of Coed Coch Berwynfa and not just that but both his parents pedigrees were strongly in bred on Berynfas sire Tan-y-Bwlch Berwyn.

My decision stood firm, even if the distance to him at the Giglberg Stud was a very long way Coed Coch Olga would be covered by him in the following year. So in 1988 the journey to Bayern was made, only with a difference. It was not Olga that went to Blueberry, but Blueberry to Olga.

 For a total of 3 years he was leased to us as a stud stallion.



Tetworth Crimson-Lake
Tetworth Crimson-Lake

At the same time we acquired the then 10 year old Tetworth Crimson Lake. Alone with his size of 143cm. he was a totally different Welsh type to my ideal which showed up my inner insecurity at that time. Although my heart was for the Berwynfa “type” when I presented Bengad Blueberry to my German Stud Book Commission for breeding permission I was constantly asked what I needed with overgrown Welsh A`s , that their need in the market was long past and what was needed today was a sport pony to improve the Riding Pony breeding!

As an alternative in type to Blueberry I bought in 1988 the 10 year old Tetworth Crimson Lake from Holland. He was already well known for his fantastic movement and great jumping ability.

Equus Orinda
Equus Orinda

Equus Charly Brown Sprung
Equus Charly Brown

He covered Coed Coch Olga four times. All the four children had spectacular movement and were successful in the show ring but varied enormously in size between 124cm to 140cm and had very little to show of my still Berwynfa orientated breeding concepts.



Royal Blueberry15
Royal Blueberry

In 1990 a colt foal was produced between Bengad Blueberry and the Coed Coch Adnod daughter Angel, and bred by Bodo Spieker of Standland. I was impressed with his overall presence and bought him at weaning to raise as a future stallion.

Coed Coch Adnod, was as our Olga, a granddaughter of Coed Coch Priciau and Coed Coch Berwynfa so that her grandson, alone in blood lines, conformed to my breeding concept and was also very near to my ideal type.

Royal Blueberry received his stallion licence in 1992 from the Weser-Ems Stud Book commission but due to a protest from a fellow breeder that the stallion in his opinion was over height the Reserve Champion title was removed. At the age of 7 years Blueberry was official measured by the F.N. Measurements Scheme and given the life height measurement of 137cm. (At the same time he was also measured by another German Stud Book with the same results) .

It became clear to me that the opinions and the breeding goals of the Weser-Ems Stud Book were not compatible with mine and consequently turned my back on the German Verband system.

It proved that I did not require such breeding advice when in 1966 the Blueberry daughter, Equus Hazel became Champion Welsh Sec. B foal at the International Welsh Show in Compiegne/ France, in a top quality class of 13.

Royal Blueberry has stamped his breeding quality in 3 further daughters, Equus Clara and the two full sisters Equus Olga and Equus Priciau.



Equus Portos Sprung15
Equus Portos

The last foal born in 2000 out of our foundation mare Coed Coch Olga and sired by Hondsrug Puccini was Equus Portos and was basically an outcross breeding.

In 2003 we covered the two, relatively closely in bred on Coed Coch Berwynfa , sisters Equus Olga and Equus Priciau with Equus Portus. We risked for the first time in 20 years breeding a half-sister to half-brother mating.

Equus d'Artagnan
Equus d’Artagnan

Both results gave us confidence to follow this way.Equus Aramis and Equus d`Artagnan took their type from their dams.

Equus Aramis is in Luxemburg competing in professional driving and Equus d`Artagnan like his sire is a stud stallion in France.

Equus Portus has been in France since 2008 and has started a very successful jumping career with his new 13 year old owner.



Equus Blueberry1
Equus Blueberry

Equus Blueberry was born in 1998 and is a full brother to the previously mentioned International Champion foal Equus Hazel. In 2001 he received his stallion licence from the Westfahlen Stud Book and is still owned and standing with Franz Brock of the Frankenbach stud in Ostbevern.

Encouraged by the the good results with the half brother/half sister matings of Equus Olga and Equus Priciau with Equus Portos we decided to modify this idea by mating the two full sisters again with their half-brother Equus Blueberry, but this time doubling up on their sires side.

Both results have completely fulfilled our expectations and there is no doubt that they identify in type with the Coed Coch Berwynfa line. Equus Bluebird and Equus Blue Belle are now 4 years old (2009) and will themselves be covered this year.



Lintelo Clair 2005
Lintelo Clair

It was nearly 10 years before I could buy another mare that suited in bloodlines to my concept. I had previously enquired by Fam. Beekman of the Lintelo Stud in Holland with no luck. So in 1995 I was taken by surprise when they contacted me and offered me a mare that had been returned to them due to the fact she fought against being girthed up when attempting to break her to ride. Her name was Lintelo Clair, born in 1990, out of a welsh A mare and by Coed Coch Adrian, a grandson of Coed Coch Berwynfa.

Clair was a one time lucky strike for our stud. Regardless of which stallion we chose for her all her foals are absolute “Toppers”.

One of the best broodmares now in our stud is the 6 year old Clair granddaughter Equus Miss Marple (Shamrock Mr. Oliver x Equus Clara )

We set great breeding hopes on the Clair children Equus Mrs Applebee (sired by Equus Mr Spock) and Equus Raspoetin (sired by Hondsrug Puccini).

Equus CandyStPoelten
Equus Candy

Daughter Equus Candy (by H. Puccini) wins from year to year in Austria one show after the other.

Equus Blue Bess 0109
Equus Blue Bess

The 4 year old Equus Blue Bess (sired by Equus Blueberry) now in France, will in a few months have her first foal (partbred).

Equus Petit Pois

And the nearly 3 year old Equus Petit Pois (sired by Equus Portos) will, according to her owners Len and Ann Bigley of the Llanarth Stud in Wales, be covered by their stallion Douthwaite Signwriter this year. Also this mating will bring the important Coed Coch lines together.



Hondsrug Briall

In 1995 , the sadly too soon deceased, “Welshman” Manfred Müller from Westertede, led me in my never ending search for Coed Coch bloodlines to the Dutch Stud “ Hondsrug “ in Glimmen by Groningen. The first pony the owners Roelof Drenthe and Cornelis Strijker showed me was a 29 year old mare living in retirement on a separate field behind the house.

Llwynygog Magic15
Llwynygog Magic

I did not believe my eyes when this “lady” proceeded to trot. It was like she had wings the way she flew over the ground, with her hooves hardly touching the grass. Without exaggeration I can say have not seen a Welsh pony before or since with such a spectacular trot. Here was a 87,5% Welsh bred A mare but when you take into consideration that Tan-y-Bwlch Berwyn was at that time allowed in the welsh Sec. A breeding, then this nearly 30 year old Llwynygoc Magic was 94,25% Welsh Mountain bred.

Coed Coch Madog1
Coed Coch Madog

First when I realised that Magic’s grandsire on her sire’s side was the legendary Coed Coch Planed from Coed Coch Madog and then also on her dam’s side the 3rd generation went back twice to Coed Coch Madog, then this explained to me this “Wonder Mover”.

I then saw on another field a herd of 30 to 40 chestnut, black and bay ponies. Hondsrug Welsh A and B mares and foals and then in the distance also two grey mares. With the certain knowledge that these were offspring from Magic was confirmed when they went into movement past us. “That is a daughter and granddaughter of Magic” explained Roelof.      “ Hondsrug Briall 10 years old, and Hondsrug Deborah 7 years old” And then when Cord made these two swing past us in trot my eyes nearly fell out of my head. Possibly to bring me back to earth and to concentrate on the other ponies I was told these two ponies were not for sale. It was made clear to me then, when I compared the newly acquired Tetworth Crimson Lake whose offspring varied so much, that to be a good breeder required more than crossing good with good.

I saw especially in Hondsug Briall my breeding concept , she was very close to my goal. One year later in 1996 she produced a colt foal by Blethni Puck and I bought him. Before he was registered I was allowed to name him Puccini.

Hondsrug Puccini_Reemt_Briall
Hondsrug Puccini

As a 2 and 3 year old Hondsrug Puccini won nearly everything there was to win both internationally and nationally. His offspring out of the few mares he covered by us we can describe without exaggeration as excellent. Namely Equus Candy (dam Lintelo Clair) , Equus Portos (dam C.C.Olga) and Picasso M who was licensed by the Pony and Small Horse Breed Society of Hannover.

Picasso M
Picasso M

First when our acquaintance with Roelof and Cornelis grew into a real friendship did they trust their “ Queen of Hondsrug” to go for further breeding purposes and in 2003 Hondsrug Briall arrived in our stables.

Equus Mr Spock Aurore19
Equus Mr Spock

A mating with Shamrock Mr. Oliver produced Equus Mr. Spock who is now in France and is the most frequently used Sec. B stallion there. For our own breeding we retained the 2007 born Equus Jeanne d`Arc sired by Equus Portos.

In 2008 Briall died at the age of 23 years old during the birth of a filly foal, which also followed her mother two months later. Soon after that we were able to buy the 21 year old Briall daughter Hondsrug Deborah sired by Pendock Plato. We hope she will also give us the gift of one or two foals.



Hondsrug Raspoetin
Hondsrug Raspoetin

Through the sale of Equus Mr. Spock to France we met Mme Marine Dorquin-Guerillon who at this time owned Hondsrug Raspoetin and similar to Hondsrug Briall had the “Wonder Mover” Llwynyog Magic for a dam. As Marine had about 150 portions of semen from Raspoetin she decided to grant our wish to have this black stallion for our own breeding. Sadly after a severe colic we had to put Raspoetin to sleep on 3 Jan 2008. We set great hopes on his remaining sons Equus Raspoetin (dam Lintelo Clair) and Equus Painter Man (dam Equus Miss Marple). His daughter Equus Noreen Tilia has now a new French owner and will leave us when weaned.



Polaris Dylan2
Polaris Dylan

In December 2008 we invested in our future breeding programme and have bought the 12 year old grey stallion Polaris Dylan out of England. Dylan is in the 3rd and 4th generation 46% Coed Coch Berwynfa line bred and therefore suits our breeding concept.



Hartmut Schroeder7  Reemt Schroeder
Hartmut and Reemt Schröder

My second son Reemt reaches his 26th year in 2009 and has for more than 10 years been actively involved in Equus breeding policies. He is soon to start training as a Farrier and thus will also be in a career directed to equines. I assume that the Equus Stud will continue well into the second generation.

Even between jobs, studies, school, I have also been supported by my other three children and their partners and what I started in 1985 has developed into a family concern.


Hartmut Schröder January 2009